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Rest: The Forgotten Commandment

Rest: sometimes I feel like I barely know what that really is, and my hunch is I’m not alone.

A few months ago I did some self examination, and decided something would need to give. After some time praying about over the issue, I realized it was ridiculous for me to think I could continue to give my week 100% without a more serious approach to Sabbath style rest. Although I’ve always set one day a week aside in special ways, some religious and some not- it became clear to me my efforts had not been enough. It hit me that Sabbath rest is literally one of the Ten Commandments - mentioned right along with dishonesty, adultery, and murder. My personal belief is that the Commandments were given out of love- to help us all live the best life we can here on earth. I mean imagine if no one had to endure the pain of a cheating spouse, the betrayal of a dishonest friend, or where I find myself too often: a life lacking REST. Give it a try- it’s giving me such clarity in my decision making, I’m finding more peace in my day, and in an odd twist- I actually get more accomplished during the week knowing at sundown Saturday night I’m “done” (I’ve chosen to practice my Sabbath style rest from sundown Saturday night to sundown Sunday night). his article certainly got my attention. Rest and peace to you my friends

From Yoga International: Sabbath: The Forgotten Pleasures of a Day of Rest

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