• Kathy Schick

Moments that Define Us

Find your moment. Only YOU know what that moment is.

I'm not talking about the moments we typically do well: the beginning of an interesting new fitness class. Mornings that we wake up on time, keep decent pace with our to-do list, and feel encouraged by our peers. Our head is clear, and our refrigerator is bursting with fresh and beautiful veggies. While these moments are crucial and require the discipline of consistency for success- these will not be the moments that cause the leaps of change I'm referencing.

These are the moments that define us: The day that leaves us too tired to make just about any decision- let alone a GOOD one. The night we went out with friends, smelled their delicious food- but ate healthy anyway. The day the scale didn't move... again. The moments you move toward your fitness goal even though the motivation tank reads "empty". These are the moments that take us to a new place on our fitness journey. These moments of determination and self-control change the fabric of who we are, and build resolve.

Look for these moments- and STOP. Listen to the thoughts in your head and correct them. Take a deep breath, and be thankful because THIS IS YOUR MOMENT to rise above the person you have been. Your moment to CHANGE- starting with the thoughts in your head, and moving into physical transformation.

Seize your moment- it is a gift.


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