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“I have had too many trainers to count over the course of my weight loss journey. Kathy is by far the best I have ever trained with. She listens, and she creates a session with your personal goals and limitations in mind. She’s very intuitive. I could not have lost 72 pounds without her support and encouragement.”

Danielle Pisano


Kathy Schick has been my personal trainer for the past 2 years. I originally started training with her at Snap Fitness years ago and then life got in the way. (aka excuses) When she opened a private gym in her home, I knew I needed to get back to training with her. I started back in early 2018 and then I got the news that I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I knew I was right where I needed to be. As a breast cancer survivor herself, Kathy has done ALOT of hand holding with me over the past year and a half. She is amazing in so many ways and I am forever grateful that she has been in my life. She takes me out of my comfort zone and pushes me and my body. She also takes into consideration all of my surgeries and what my body is capable of doing to help build up my strength. She has introduced me to Yoga - which I had no idea that I needed that in my life. Although there are days that I don’t want to workout knowing that she is there helps get me through the workouts even when I use a few “workout words” as I push through. So thank you for being an anchor to me and keeping me focused on reaching my goals even if there are detours we face in life. And most of all thank you for being my friend.  I don’t care what shape, size or age you are. If you're thinking about getting healthy in 2020 Kathy Schick is your girl!!

Rachel Hetland

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Kathy is fantastic, she personalizes every session to exactly what your body needs. She has just the right amount of push to get you too your goals. Her group classes are a blast as well!

Tricia Korth


Kathy is amazing. She took time to get to know my needs and capabilities and tailored my work out to them. She is genuine, professional and accommodating



Every yoga class I've taken has strengthened me both physically and spiritually. I highly recommend taking these classes from Kathy.

Diane Faller


It had been so long since I'd stepped on my scale, it was literally covered in dust. After a good spray of Windex, I hopped on to see a sobering number. I had my work cut out for me. I armed myself with three things:

  1. A simple philosophy of 'Move more, less food'

  2. A calorie counting app called 'Lose It'

  3. Self-discipline

In May, I started walking a 4 mile route twice a week which, by July, turned into five days a week. By September I was jogging half of the route. Also by September I picked up two personal training sessions a week with Kathy Schick where we kickbox 

and weight train. Best decision ever! That extra exercise helped me lose 11 pounds in these last six weeks.

I started with a very aggressive calorie reduction in May-July, to get a jumpstart on losing weight, then allowed myself more calories the more I exercised. 'Lose It' was extremely easy to use to keep track of calories. I just used the free version.

I prayed every day for strength and self discipline. God is good and gave me the day-to-day ability to focus on long term goals.

Thank you Kathy, for providing a great variety of exercise videos, weekly motivation, and info from Tricia (*Antidote Wellness, Trevor Wi- Transformation with Tricia Facebook live events for our contestants) All those ingredients mixed together was a recipe for success! Thank you!

Becky Biller


WHY YOGA? My story: I will try to be brief. November 2017 I started having lower back pain. Just thought I pulled a muscle. It quickly became worse. Then I started getting a rash that got severe and looked like 2nd degree burns. Then came the horrible muscle weakness. I could only get out of bed by rolling off the side. When I could make it to the shower it took me an hour to shower, dry and dress. Buy that time I was exhausted. After switching thru many doctors and tubes of blood, scans, probes, etc.. I was diagnoised with a rare disease (9 in a million) called dermatoemyositis. Yeah. I'd never heard of it either. It literally destroys your muscles and organs. Puts you at a higher risk for several cancers. 

Now to answer why yoga. My daughter invited me to a yoga class with Kathy Schick. I went and immediately loved it. It was so nice to go to a private home class where you didnt feel like all your weaknesses you were on display. I started with chair yoga and quickly improved to regular classes. Kathy was patient and gentle, but didnt baby me. She has a special way of leading you to your goal. Before I started classes I could barely get out of a chair by myself. I was falling down a lot due to weak leg muscles that would just buckle. I started yoga with Kathy in January. Now when my daughter and I go to Chicago for my doctor appointments we no longer uber. We take the train down and walk 2 miles to the hospital and 2 miles back to the train station, after a lot of shopping and eating. I'm much more flexible. I owe my daughter Paula, Kathy, and my doctors all a huge thank you. Yes , I'm proud of myself. I did the work, but DEFINITELY would not be where I am without this team. 

So that is WHY YOGA. It helped get me strong stay strong. If you think you can't do it, just give it a chance. KATHY SCHICK love and thank you.

Wanda Stanley


Kathy held a group training class that totally changed the way I worked out. She kept me motivated and her positive energy helped push me through every workout. I look forward to the next time she teaches group classes so I can learn more from her!.

Ashley Juslin


Kathy's kickstart class whipped me into shape! I worked muscle groups that I didn't even know existed. When I felt down about my performance or my weight loss, she praised and encouraged me and I pushed through my mental and physical barriers. She's awesome!

Samantha Gerrits

“Kathy is extremely knowledgeable and tailors your fitness plan to meet your needs and fitness level. My evaluation with her was very thorough! In addition, she is compassionate to whatever level or ability you have. I felt extremely comfortable with her!.”

Michele Newby

Kathy is great, she is very knowledgeable and will work with you no matter what level you're at.  I highly recommend Kathy Schick Personal Training!

Robin Dallago

I took my first core class with Kathy and she is just fabulous. Her energy and knowledge of doing correct exercise was unbelievable. She motivates you to want to keep going and doing the best that you can.

Jan Brockway

Kathy is a wonderful trainer and I thoroughly enjoyed her class! Will definitely be taking for classes from her!


Kathy pours herself into making your goals her passion. She uses creativity to keep things fresh, and has a fantastic balance of motivation and encouragement!

Julie Bear NP

Kathy is awesome! She takes down all the information, she listens to what you want done, answer all your questions, And then at the 1st session she moves right in and wastes no time and she does a great awesome job I'm so happy to have found her

Adeline Bergling

Kathy is amazing. She took time to get to know my needs and capabilities and tailored my work out to them. She is genuine, professional and accommodating.


Kathy has a very nice set up for classes and she makes her class members feel valued and comfortable. She sets a healthy and encouraging tone. I would recommend you try it!

Jacklyn VanHeirseele

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