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3 Personal Training Sessions

3 Personal Training Sessions

Kathy Schick has been an ACE certified personal trainer since 2010 and will develop a personlized program to meet your goals and preferences.  Session packages are $150 for 3 sessions ($50 per session) and last 45 minutes. 

Our equipment:

- Dumbells, Barbells, step & Weight Benches, Body Bars, Spri Mats

- Dual 220lb  stack cable machine

- Squat cage with a high cable and a low cable for attachements in addition to dip bars  on the isde and a landmine attachment 

- Resistance Bands, power bands, loop bands

- Battling Ropes

- Bosu Dome Trainers

- Kettlebells

- Suspension Trainers

- Body Balls, medicine balls, UGI ball

- Kickboxing Bags, gloves, mitts

- Cardio machines: treadmill, rowing maching, elliptical, recumbent bike, spin bike

- Bench with Preacher Curl and Leg Extension attachments

- Leg Curl Machine

- Weighted Vest

- Sandbag

-Weider chest Press/Fly Machine

- Pilates Circles

- Full yoga studio with mats, blocks, bolsters, wheel, & straps (personalized yoga sessions (Available at a reduced rate of 5 sessions for $175)

- Indo Board

- Mini trampoline




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