2021 Vacation Dates:
Fall Break: October 10-16
November 22-26 (Thanksgiving)
Winter Break: December 20-January 2

2021 Fall Calendar:

Yoga with Kathy: Wednesdays 6-7pm

Prayer & Pose: Fridays 8:15-9:30am

9/8-12/10 with breaks during the week of 10/17 & 11/22

(12 weeks of instruction)

2022 Spring Calendar:

1/24 - 5/13 with a Break 3/6-4/1 (12 weeks instruction)

2022 Fall Calendar

9/5-12/9 with breaks during the weeks of 10/18 & 11/23

(12 weeks of instruction)

2023 Spring Calendar:

Monday • Tuesday • Wednesday • Thursday

1/23-4/21 with a Break during the week of 3/6

 (12 weeks instruction)


New Personal Training Clients: 

I am not currently accepting new personal training clients. It is difficult to give a a complete estimate as to when openings will occur, wait times can vary from 6 to 36 month on our waiting list;  for that reason, I have stopped collecting names for our waiting list.  The names currently on our waiting list remain and will be called as slots training slots become available.  Our group classes are open to visitors, and both new and former attenders, I encourage you to check out our classes  


• Cancellations must have a minimum 4 hour notice. Lack of four-hour notice will result in a charge for the session.

• Clients That use less than 50% of their reserved traning time slot will not be eligible for reneewed sessions. This means that clients who use less than 10 sessions within a 20 week period will not have training sessions renewed for the next period. This applies to clients with both morning and afternoon slots so the the opening can be given to clients with a schedule that allows regular attendance. The percentage will take into account any holidays or cancellations by Kathy to be as fair as possible to each client. Unfortunately, we have reached a place that I must reserve these weekly held spots for clients whose schedule allows them to attend at least half of the sessions for their scheduled time slot. Example: If 10 sessions were purchased on October 1st, 2020 and a weekly spot reserved, the ten sessions would need to be used by February 12th which falls 20 weeks later in order to renew training through the purchase of a new package. No sessions purchased with the first ten sessions will be lost, they simply cannot renew the slot once they are ready to purchase a second set of sessions. Any time a cancellation occurs due to a holiday or cancellation from the trainer (me) that date will extend out. As these session times open up, priority will be given to afternoon clients that lost a traning time but atttend more than half their reserved traning slots, followed by the individuals that have been on a waiting list to train as space opens.