Study the first book of the New Testament and take a few "detours" along the way as we learn Old Testament history that supports the text of the Gospel of Matthew.  This free sample of the larger study includes four lessons:

Week 1/Day 2: Tamar (Matthew 1:3; Genesis 37:17-27 & Genesis 38: 1-30)

Week 2 / Day 4: The Temptation, Do not test the Lord Your God (Matthew 4:5-7; Judges 6:36-40)

Week 5 / Day 3: Thy Kingdom Come (Matthew 6:10; Daniel 6:1-28)

Week 6 / Day 7: False Prophets (Matthew 7:15-27; 1 Kings 18:18-40; Acts 9:13-16)


The full study includes 42 lessons (38 written & 4 video) Six weeks, 125 page pdf download for $3.99


This study guide can be used alone, but is intended to precede a time of prayer with our "Prayer & Pose" downloads.  Our website has three "Prayer & Pose" options:

- 50 minute yoga practice with prayer

- 20 minute chair yoga (Prayer at the Chair)

- 10 minute “Restorative Prayer”


Week One: Lineage & Prophecy of the Messiah (Matthew 1-2)

Day 1:  Introduction to Matthew (Video Teaching with Kathy)

Day 2: Tamar (Study Guide)

Day 3: Rahab (Study Guide)

Day 4: Ruth (Study Guide)

Day 5: Uriah (Study Guide)

Day 6:  Messianic Prophecy (Study Guide)

Day 7: The Birth of the Messiah (Study Guide)


Week Two: The Temptation (Matthew 3-4)

Day 1: John the Baptist (Video Teaching with Kathy)

Day 2: The Baptism of Jesus (Study Guide)

Day 3: The First Temptation: Stones to Bread (Study Guide)

Day 4: The Second Temptation: Do Not Test the Lord Your God (Study Guide)

Day 5: The Third Temptation: Worship and Serve Only the Lord God (Study Guide)

Day 6:  Flee Temptation:  Joseph (Study Guide)

Day 7:  Repentance & Restoration: David (Study Guide)


Week 3: The Disciples (Matthew 4 - Continued)

Day 1: The Galilean Ministry of Jesus (Video Teaching with Kathy)

Day 2: Nathaniel/Bartholomew (Study Guide)

Day 3: Sons of Thunder (Study Guide)

Day 4: Philip (Study Guide)

Day 5: Andrew (Study Guide)

Day 6:  Thomas (Study Guide)

Day 7:  Judas Iscariot (Study Guide)


Week Four: The Beattitudes (Matthew 5)

Day 1: Blessed are the Peacemakers: Video Teaching with Kathy

Day 2: Blessed are the Poor in Spirit:  The Red Sea (Study Guide)

Day 3: Blessed are Those Who Mourn:  Rebellion of the Israelites (Study Guide)

Day 4: Blessed are the Meek (Humble): The Burning Bush (Study Guide)

Day 5: Blessed are Those Who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness: Moses & the Egyptian (Study Guide)

Day 6:  Blessed are Those Whose Hearts are Pure:  A Pharoah's Heart (Study Guide)

Day 7:  Blessed are Those Who are Persecuted for Doing Right: Two Good Spies (Study Guide)


Week 5: Lord Teach Us to Pray (Matthew 6)

Day 1: Lord's Prayer (Study Guide)

Day 2:  Hallowed Be Thy Name: Solomon (Study Guide)

Day 3:  Thy Kingdom Come: Daniel (Study Guide)

Day 4: Thy Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven (Study Guide)

Day 5: Our Daily Bread: Manna (Study Guide)

Day 6:  Forgive Our Debts: Jonah (Study Guide)

Day 7:  Deliver Us From Evil: Hannah (Study Guide)


Week 6: Teachings of Jesus (Matthew 7)

Day 1: The House on a Rock: Joshua (Study Guide) 

Day 2: Treasures of the Heart: Lydia (Study Guide)

Day 3: Judge Not: Job (Study Guide)

Day 4:  Effective Prayer

Day 5: The Golden Rule:  Good Samaritan (Study Guide)

Day 6:  The Narrow Gate: Noah (Study Guide)

Day 7:  False Prophets:  Elijah (Study Guide)





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