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Your Body: Cared For & Nourished

I'lll be honest- my health goals have changed a great deal in recent years. I'm a cancer survivor. One of my parents had a very close call with their heart this year making me aware of a huge family history of heart disease. And hey- I have kids and want to see those grandkids someday! All of this has made me think differently about how I treat my body.

Food is my stress "crutch"- it's the first thing I want to turn to when anything in my day doesn't line up how I'd like. I remember the first time I realized how big this issue was: I had made a beautiful healthy dinner, completely prepared, hot, beautiful, and ready to eat. I was a young mom at home with toddlers and really looked forward to seeing my husband at night. The phone rang, and it was my husband letting me know he was running late. How did I react? In frustration I put the fully prepared meal in the fridge and ordered a pizza. This was one of my "what-in-the-world-am-doing” moments that led to an eventual 94 pound weight loss, and to my career as a personal trainer.

But back to my point (I wander for sure!) Even as I lost the weight, I would sometimes become so consumed with that number I needed to reach on the scale that I was sometimes willing to sacrifice nourishing my body properly or getting enough sleep etc to reach those goals.

Don't get me wrong- it's not fun, but the truth is a number on the scale is an actual indicator of health. However, our weight should be the end product, not the everything. There are "diet snacks" that are loaded with chemicals, and foods I could squeeze into my caloric plan that would ruin my cholesterol while still losing weight- but no more.

I hope as you work on your New Year's goals you will view your body as something to be cared for, and nourished. That you will help it grow stronger through exercise and protein consumption. That you will help it fight disease with a variety of fruits and vegetables. That you will find healthy ways to manage stress like yoga, taking a walk, or simply working on time management skills. And don't forget the power of sleep- it will balance your hunger hormones (ghrelin) plus help you manage stress and your relationships with others.

Do today well... wake up and ROCK it. Good health will follow, I promise.

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