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Wanda's Journey

Stop everything and check out Wanda’s personal yoga journey! Thank you for sharing with us Wanda, much love to you

WHY YOGA? My story: I will try to be brief. November 2017 I started having lower back pain. Just thought I pulled a muscle. It quickly became worse. Then I started getting a rash that got severe and looked like 2nd degree burns. Then came the horrible muscle weakness. I could only get out of bed by rolling off the side. When I could make it to the shower it took me an hour to shower, dry and dress. Buy that time I was exhausted. After switching thru many doctors and tubes of blood, scans, probes, etc.. I was diagnoised with a rare disease (9 in a million) called dermatoemyositis. Yeah. I'd never heard of it either. It literally destroys your muscles and organs. Puts you at a higher risk for several cancers.

Now to answer why yoga. My daughter invited me to a yoga class with Kathy Schick. I went and immediately loved it. It was so nice to go to a private home class where you didnt feel like all your weaknesses you were on display. I started with chair yoga and quickly improved to regular classes. Kathy was patient and gentle, but didnt baby me. She has a special way of leading you to your goal. Before I started classes I could barely get out of a chair by myself. I was falling down a lot due to weak leg muscles that would just buckle. I started yoga with Kathy in January. Now when my daughter and I go to Chicago for my doctor appointments we no longer uber. We take the train down and walk 2 miles to the hospital and 2 miles back to the train station, after a lot of shopping and eating. I'm much more flexible. I owe my daughter Paula, Kathy, and my doctors all a huge thank you. Yes , I'm proud of myself. I did the work, but DEFINITELY would not be where I am without this team.

So that is WHY YOGA. It helped get me strong stay strong. If you think you can't do it, just give it a chance. KATHY SCHICK love and thank you.

Wanda Stanley

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