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The Opportunity of Waiting

One winter as a kid in Colorado we had a huge snowstorm- I believe I was in the third grade staying with my dad. I remember looking out the living room window to just barely see the tops of neighbor’s garage doors because the drifts were so high. I remember not being able to leave the house, and my dad digging through the freezer as food began running low. He cooked up some very old green beans, and the instant he left the table my little sister scooted hers into the trash begging me to not tell, she just couldn’t choke them down.

It turned out to be a special time for me as a kid. I had always wanted very badly to be able to do the splits, and the blizzard meant I had plenty of time to try- and I did. I stretched every spare second I could stand, and when the snow finally melted and the car could leave the garage? I was able to do a perfect split with either leg in front and to the sides too.

Perhaps you've been sidelined with a covid inspired quarantine. So I challenge you- where will you be in two weeks? Have you wanted to learn to play a guitar that’s been sitting around? Fire up a YouTube tutorial. Wish you read through the entire Bible, or a stack of books that were purchased but never read? Kick up your feet and dig in. Always wanted to be a runner? Copy a couch to 5k plan and grab your shoes. As Nike says, just do it.

Whatever you do- don’t waste this opportunity. Someday people will ask what you did during Covid19 and all those quarantines

; your actions now will determine an answer you’ll be giving for the rest of your life. Make it count!

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