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Plateaus & Weigh-In Woes

If you you feeling "stuck" in your progress the number one weapon you have is the journal you've been keeping. If you haven't been keeping one, the most important step you can take in your weight loss journey is to start now. I absolutely believe to lose weight you must journal every bite.

If you are stuck, get out the last ten days of your journal and check the following to see if anything can be tweaked: • Are you getting 25 grams of fiber daily, and eating 5-10 servings of fruits or veggies? The two items will go hand in hand • Are you getting enough protein? You need a MINIMUM of .8 grams of protein per kilogram. I want to really stress this is a minimum- it would be far better to eat 1.2-1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. To find to how many kilograms you weigh simply google " how many kilograms is *** pounds etc • Are you measuring your food before journaling the serving, or are have you gotten lax and started "eyeballing" it? Always measure. • How many calories are you eating per day? Don't drop below 1200, but if you are above that range try shaving off 100-200 if you've been maintaining instead of losing or 200-300 if you've been gaining. If you are below or at 1200 try adding 100-200 calories- but make them quality calories that your body will use instead of store. • Check out the preparation of your foods- are you frying foods that could be grilled or baked? • Check out any indulgences- are you treating yourself once a week, or every day? A "treat" that happens daily is not a treat- it is a habit that has become part of your regular diet. • Do your meals appear planned and executed- or more like knee jerk reaction, quick fix, or response to blood sugar levels? • How many workouts are you getting in, and is it time to increase? When starting out, 3 workouts per week is generally to maintain weight and 5-6 to lose weight. If your workouts have been 30 minutes, go for 45. If they've been 45 try an hour- or take up the intensity of your workouts. • Are you eating though your workout calories? Some people find more success if any workout calories burned are not added to the total they can eat for the day. Example: If they have a calorie goal of 1450 calories, and burn 500 at spin class, they would still limit their daily caloric intake to 1450 ignoring the burn that some popped add to caloric intake.

Without a food journal, it is very difficult to target reasons for weight stalls or gains, so I really hope if you have a weight loss goal you have been diligent in keeping one. There are lots of great apps available such as Lose It, My Fitness Pal, or MyNetDiary which can be all easier that the tools we had only 15 years ago.

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