• Kathy Schick

Not in the Mood. Did it Anyway.

I wish we could wake up feeling ready to “hit one out of the park” every day, but let’s be honest- we don’t. But take heart... these are the days that CHANGE us.

True progress isn’t going to happen if we only work on the days we wake up feeling motivated- it happens by pushing through our weakest moments. On the day you showered then went right back to bed (me today). The day you googled “yoga for a bad mood” for your first workout (me today again). But then you stepped into the gym and worked every set of those bi’s, tri’s, shoulders and back just like you were supposed to.

And now? You’ve set yourself up for a good day. A good week. A good LIFE.

Seize the day & make it yours. -Kathy


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