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Hitting Nothing

Updated: Aug 31

Zig Ziglar: “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.”

Last week at the gym I couldn't help but notice another member carefully referencing and notating in her beautiful fitness journal. She was kind enough to take a few moments from her own workout to show me her journal, and recommended a couple of great instagrammers that keep her workouts interesting and on track.

To be honest- I hadn't thought about how long it's been since I've touched my own fitness journals even though I kept one for years. Many of you know in 2010 I completed a 94 pound weight loss- and journaling my workouts was a huge part of that. I would carefully plan my workout, note any changes, how I felt, and calories burned, mantras, and anything that stood in my way.

I went home last week and hunted down my old journal... and wow. It's been really fun to see my old workouts and the amazing burn I was pulling off while working toward my goal back in the day. I'm pulling tons of ideas from them- and if I was curling 15 lb dumbbells in 2009 you'd better believe I'm going to make sure I'm lifting more in 2018! It's been a fantastic reminder of what my body is capable of.

Moral of he story- keeping a workout journal is a very positive part of the fitness journey, make sure you start! (or keep going) • You'll walk into the gym with purpose & focus, plus waste less time • You'll have exact records of the weights and reps you've achieved and better determine when it's time to change it up • You'll be able to look back at all you have achieved and feel motivated to keep going • When your workouts start to feel boring you'd be amazed the exercises you may have forgotten that would spice things back up again • Recording your burn will help you know why the scale is or isn't moving

So grab a journal- it doesn't have to be fancy. Just start.


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