My goal for a client's session?

Make sure that the training is PERSONAL

Twelve years ago I was on a 94 pound weight loss journey & I threw money away at personal trainers that created only ten or so sessions and cycled through them with every client, no matter what the medical needs or personal preference were. My requests to try new things were ignored. So naturally- when I became a trainer I made it my number one goal to put the PERSONAL in personal training.

I won't do a session until we have sat down 48 hours before the first session to find out not only your medical needs & goals- but what you do or don't like. We've got a wide variety of equipment, and I have experience and training in everything from lifting to kickboxing to yoga. I've saved every session I've ever written so I have about a thousand on file. There isn't any reason why we can't find the best workout to keep you both motivated and safe. 

American Council on

Exercise (ACE)

Personal Trainer Certification

Maintained Since 2010

Cornerstone University

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology 1995

Minor, Social Work

Yoga Training

YogaFit Worldwide 

Yoga Alliance Approved

YogaCore 2017

YogaStrength 2017

Level One  Foundations 2018

Level Two  Communication 2018

Level Three Introspection 2/2021

Level Four Advanced Training

& Lifestyle 3/2021

Thai Energy 4/2021


Christian Yoga Association

Christian Meditation & Nidra 2020 

Anatomy & Kinesiology 2020

Therapy & Touch 2020

ACE Fitness 

American Council on Exercise

Science based Blueprint for Creating Inclusive Yoga Classes 2017 

Mindful Exercise Overview for Fitness Professionals 2012 

Additional Certificates

  • Beachbody Live Core De Force Instructor, February 2019

  • Spinning Energy Zones (Mad Dogg Athletics) 2018

  • ACE’s Practical Guide to In Home Personal Training 2016

  • Coaching Fundamentals: Strategies for Behavior Modification 2016

  • Nutrition Planning that Leads to  Real Results 2014

  • Better Brains, Better Bodies: Building Mental Muscle 2016

  • Bariatic Surgery Aftercare: Opportunities for health Coaches & Personal Trainers 2014

  • Core Training for Real Results 2013

  • Metabolic Conditioning - How to Train for Real Results 2014

  • Vertical Core Training 2013

  • Understanding and Motivating Midlife & Older Adults 2012

  • Catering to Clients with Low Back Pain 2012

  • The Role of Exercise in Recovering from Psychological Disorders 2012

  • Pre- and Post Natal Fitness: Physiology, Biomechanics, Programming 2012

  • Fitting Fitness into Parenthood 2012 

  • Cancer and Exercise 2012

  • Diabetes and Exercise 2012

  • Fibromyalgia and Exercise 2012

  • Catering to Clients with Low Back Pain 2012

  • Gait and Balance 2012

  • Cholesterol and Exercise 2012

  • Common Health Challenges Faced by Older Adults 2012

  • ACE Integrated Fitness Training Model for Exercise Program Design 2012

  • Cardiovascular Fitness for Firefighters - IAFF 2012

  • Chasing Pheidippides: Marathon Training 101 2011



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