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Maple Tree is committed to improving the quality of life for individuals battling cancer.  They accomplish this through  evidence-based, individualized exercise programs. The Maple Tree program can help you tolerate your treatment better and minimize your side effects, helping you not to just to survive your cancer…but THRIVE.

The role of exercise in relieving cancer treatment related side effects has been extensively investigated and has produced promising results. Research indicates that the combination of aerobic exercise and strength training improves the quality of life and overall physical fitness for cancer survivors.

The Maple Tree Cancer Alliance employs certified exercise oncology instructors who design a personalized, structured progression of cancer rehabilitation for each patient from the initiation of cancer treatment throughout cancer remission.

Physical Therapy Session

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Maple Tree Cancer Alliance has clinical partnerships all around the country to help you as you walk through cancer treatment- FREE OF CHARGE. They provide individualized exercise programs– both in person or virtually– to help relieve some of the side effects related to cancer treatment.

Pre-hab: Pre-hab exercises

Phase 1: Patients who are presently receiving chemotherapy or radiation

Phase 2: Patients who only had surgery or hormone treatment, or have completed chemotherapy or radiation.

Phase 3: Patients who complete Phase 2 exercise program 

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Maple Tree Cancer Alliance is in need of the following donations:

  • Exercise Mats

  • Water Bottles (Spring)

  • Loop Style Resistance Bands.  

Items can be sent directly to Maple via Amazon.You may also give a monetary gift on their website.


The mailing address for Maple Tree items is: 
Maple Tree Cancer Alliance
425 N. Findlay Street
Dayton, OH 45404 

To donate a monetary gift to Maple Tree Cancer Alliance click here

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