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YogaFit RYT-200
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
BA Psychology Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids MI
R-CYAT Registered Christian Yoga Association Trainer

I became an ACE certified personal trainer in 2010 and have loved the opportunity to inspire others and teach in both personal and group class settings. In 2013 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and the experience left me with a mild symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder.  I tried yoga for the first time, and was shocked at how different yoga was from any physical activity I had experienced. Yoga is the only form of physical fitness that activates the parasympathetic nervous system. I had been living a life that required me to constantly throw myself into high energy states, living too often in fight-or-flight. Yoga not only brought me into balance and increased my flexibility, but it strengthened my body in a new and different way.  I experienced first hand the benefits of proper breathing, and the increased ability to focus has brought me to a place of living life so much more "on purpose".  Each individual has their own, unique path to follow.  I've discovered my own eclectic style of teaching that incorporates a variety yoga styles. I hope you'll check out my classes, and I'll even give you your first class free. 



Our class list includes a range of levels and techniques  that are both dynamic and meditative, letting you move your body as well as still the mind.

Yoga Session
Child's Pose

Evening Yoga Flow
Mondays 6pm-6:45pm
 August 28 - Dec 14

This evening class begins with gentle "flows" to strengthen immunity by flushing out the lymphatic system in addition to boosting the mood, improving flexibility, improving circulation to the heart and surrounding muscles, and improve balance. This class will increase core stability through sequential flows that include side bends, backbends, planks, and twists. Participants will be reminded to power from the core as we move from pose to pose.  Time will also be spent improving balance and proprioception (ability to move in space through our sense of location- aka, how we walk forward without watching our feet.)  The final portion of class includes deeper stretches and restorative work. You'll relieve joint stiffness and sleep better. A closing time of stillness before leaving will prepare you to encountering whatever life this week from a place of kindness and purpose rather than panic and reactivity.   Click here to view my background & education

Prayer & Pose Gentle Flow
Thursdays 8:15am-9am

June 1 -July 27
Prayer & Pose will become available online in 2024

Prayer & Pose is a full  yoga session with prompts for prayers of gratitude, praise, confession, and stillness. The practice consists of gentle flows then moves into restorative or yin poses and deeper stretching. Draw near to God with heart, soul, and body in this meditative flow. “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.” (James 4:8) Class begins with a Christian meditation. The Yin style of yoga targets deep connective tissues such as the joints, ligaments, and fascia as we find sensations of lengthening or rotating and hold for long periods of time. These long holds not only increase flexibility but allow for extra attention to breath and activation of the parasympathetic nervous system causing a release of tension and stress, plus increased ability to focus.  Restorative poses are similar to yin because we hold them a long time, but sensations we reach for are more about letting go and allowing props to do the work.  Restorative yoga lowers cortisol levels, blood pressure, and helps adrenal glands function properly. It balances hormonal levels assisting women with pregnancy, menstration, and menopause. Studies show restorative yoga to better assist with fat loss than more vigorous forms because when the cortisol in the body is lowered, the amount of glucose being created in the body decreases. Glucose creates fat, especially belly fat, which can lead to other diseases as well. (Restorative yoga for Life, Grossman 2015)  Click here to view my statement of faith


1142 Berwick Ave, Silver Lake, WI 53170, USA

(262) 945-3561

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